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Update on renovation progress at the Ashram - 2020

Dear devotees, patrons and members, We are thankful for your support and concern - as always. At Sri Sadguru Anantha Swamy Ashram we are keen to bring you regular updates and further strengthen our connect and resolve. Testing times most often brings out the best in us and we hope that the World comes out stronger and wiser from the current situation. It is of course unfortunate that many innocent lives have been lost and are under distress, more so, if we are going to be ignorant and not take necessary precautions and necessary safety protocols. It makes better sense in such scenario to stay at home, work from home as much as possible and only if need arises to venture out, and in that case, please take utmost precaution. We hope and pray that we will all overcome this situation soon. Meanwhile, here's an update and a prelude to a year that was until the pandemic changed things around us. The celestial celebrations 118th anniversary of Sadguru Sri Anantha Swamy Maharaj was commemorated from 27th Dec 2019 to 2 Jan 2020. Subsequently, in February 2020 Ashram Trust members & the devotees gathered to discuss about installation of a statue of Sadguru Sri Anantha Swamy Maharaj - a long pending plan, discussed with enthusiasm and positivity. The renovation work of the Sanctum Sanctorum, Tower and Prayer Hall was instantly started in mid February 2020. Also, the pre-assigned task of sculpture activity of Sadguru’s Statue was completed in Jaipur, and was brought to Bangalore in March 2020. The enthused renovation work was expected to be completed by April / May 2020, a countdown to the proposed 'embodiment of virtues' was underway. Due to COVID–19, pandemic the installation of the statue was expected to be postponed for a couple of months. Unfortunately, the lockdown and caution in assembling and gatherings will continue as a precautionary method. As most of our members are aware that the excavation work since a few months has been a matter of worry as the deep digging with heavy equipment was showing effects with wide cracks that developed after incessant rains in the month of June. A neighbouring 3- storey building on the western side of the Ashram collapsed and a portion along that lane is still in danger, and the walls of the Ashram bore the brunt of the impact. The costs of the damaged portion has been agreed to be borne by owners of the upcoming Kapali Mall. The renovation work of the Ashram that was suspended has been initiated again from 8th of September 2020 and now picking pace in restoring the wall cracks and damage. We request all the devotees to join in supporting and pray that the World recovers quickly and people begin to live normally once again and join us in celebrating the installation of the Statue, other divine activities that each one of our community member cherishes. Stay safe and stay blessed.

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