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A Gallery of expressions - Endless moments of devotion and cheerfulness.

Kindly Note:

As a community, our objective is to bring people together for devotional, wellness and social activities that help the community at large. We don't solicit or hire professional photographers but only allow and accept our volunteers and members to contribute.

1. Our policy guideline to the volunteers is to be considerate towards privacy while clicking photographs of people and request them to take consent while clicking individual photographs.

2. We have currently assorted photographs and videos from multiple groups and members for the benefit of the community. Going forward, we will entrust a team of photography volunteers to help us on this. Any usage of photographs for commercial use or photo manipulation will be subject to copyright issues. Credit to the respective photographer with a written permission is necessary.

3. We consciously exercise our discretion in selecting photographs and videos for display on our website. In case of any concern or request to remove any photographs of theirs will be done so on request to us by sending across an email to us. The editorial team will do the needful.  

Our effort is to solely to bring you glimpses of activities at the Ashram to help members relive those moments and to others from across the world to be part of it virtually.

In Glimpses ( currently being updated)



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