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2020 - A year of challenges and unfortunate events

This year has unfolded in a way, any human least expected. A pandemic that broke out in a distant city has engulfed the entire world and has affected humanity. It is ironical that during a similar pandemic almost a century ago, Sri Anantha Swamy Maharaj, without a second thought reached out to the affected people and nursed them at the Ashram premises. He personally supervised their care, feeding them and encouraging them with whatever little medical help was available.

It is this selfless approach that our world needs today. We hope and wish you and your family members, a safe and healthy year ahead. We hear that the vaccines will soon reach us but till then let us not drop the guard  or be ignorant. Let's follow all precautions and hold on without getting affected for a few more months. And in case anyone gets infected inspite of all the caution and care, fear not and worry not, things are getting better by the day, medication and facilities are better now. We have a lot more information about the virus than before.

And things will get better soon.


As most of us are aware, the construction activity nearby in the previous Gangaram-Kapali premise has been ongoing with deep excavation. In spite of repeated requests to the concerned, the activities of digging with heavy machinery was bound to take a toll on nearby buildings. On 28th July, a 3-storied lodge adjacent to the Ashram collapsed causing cracks in the Ashram walls. 

Our active members have made temporary arrangements to shift to a nearby premise till safety measures are implemented. Thanks to all our active community members, who have been concerned, brought it to the notice of authorities and in getting Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao, a prominent leader, our community well-wisher and a friend to assess the situation. He has promised to help out and do the needful. We will update on this when necessary. 


Amidst all this, a few TV channels relayed the event captured on various mobile phones and a particular TV channel went to the extent of scandalising the location with rumours and spreading false news. This was soon quelled by vigilant neighbours and our community members and the particular channel was reprimanded for such irresponsible action. With real estate around the vicinity escalating, such vendetta led approach is common. It's time for us to unite and fight such activities with all possible support and community strength.

On a positive note, we are thankful that our annual celebrations early in the month of January went on really well, and a growing number of participants from across the community from Bangalore and other cities and towns joined us. You can share your pictures and videos on our Facebook wall. We hope to make this website a lot more informative and engaging in the coming days.

We wish to meet up soon with you in the Ashram premises that we all love and care for. 

Let's continue growing together and contributing towards our well-being, the community and  the society. Wishing you all a safe and healthy year ahead and the blessings be with you and family.

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