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Sadguru Sri Ananthaswamy Maharaj's
122nd Divyaradhana Mahotsavam

Thursday 11th Jan, 2024 - Wednesday 17th Jan, 2024

Daily Common Programme

5 - 6 am

Pandhari Kakadarathi Bhajan

6 - 7 am

Panchamrutha Abhisheka with Veda Parayana, Sri Gurustotra and
Srimadhbhagavad Gita Samuhika Parayana

7:15 am

Sri Gynaneshwari Samuhika Parayana leady by H.B.P. Sri Krishnamurthy Maharaj Bhongale

12 noon - 2 pm

Pandhari Bhajans

5:00 - 6:30 pm


7 - 9 pm

Pandhari Bhajans and Kirthan

122nd Divyaradhana Mahotsavam

122nd Divyaradhana Mahotsavam

Thursday 11th Jan

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Pravachan by Sri N.P.Ravikumar Das

Topic: "Gurusthana" in Ramayana

Pandhari Bhajans by 

Sri Chandramouleshwar Temple Bhajan Mandali

Kirthan by

H.B.P. Sri Guru Prabhakar Bhuva Bhodle Maharaj, Pandarpur

Sunday 14th Jan

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Sai Bhajans by Sri Sathya Sai Bhajan Mandali

Pandhari Bhajans by 

Sri Vithobha (Panduranga) Temple Bhajan Mandali

Kirthan by

H.B.P. Sri Komal Maharaj, Jalgaon

Wednesday 17th Jan


End of Sri Gynaneshwari Parayana

11:00 am

Pandhari Bhajans and Gulal Kirthan by H.B.P. Sri Krishnamurthy Maharaj Bhongale

Mahamangalarathi and Distribution of Mahaprasadam

Friday 12th Jan

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Pravachan by Sri Aralumallige Parthasarathi

Topic: Vishnusahasranama, Satva-Tatva-Mahatva

Pandhari Bhajans by 

Sri Nanjundeshwar Swami Bhajan Mandali

Kirthan by

H.B.P. Sri Guru Prabhakar Bhuva Bhodle Maharaj, Pandarpur

Monday 15th Jan

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Pravachan by Sri Shivshankar Das

Topic: Sri Rama Taraka Nama

Pandhari Bhajans by 

Sri Panduranga Swamy Temple Bhajan Mandali

Kirthan by

H.B.P. Sri Yashwant Maharaj Patil, Mumbai

Wednesday 17th Jan Contd.

6 - 8 pm

Kala Kirthan

Concluding of Sapthaha

Saturday 13th Jan

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Pravachan by Sri Shivshankar Das

Topic: Gurutatva

Pandhari Bhajans by 

Sri Shaila Malikarjuna Swami Temple Bhajan Mandali

Kirthan by

H.B.P. Sri Guru Prabhakar Bhuva Bhodle Maharaj, Pandarpur

Tuesday 16th Jan

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Pravachan by Sri Srikanthacharya

Topic: "Loka Neethi" by Dasa Sahithya

Pandhari Bhajans by 

Sadguru Sri Ananthaswamy Bhajan Mandali

Kirthan by

H.B.P. Sri Yashwant Maharaj Patil, Mumbai


In service to the 

community for over

120 years 

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Sri Sadguru Anantha Swamy Ashram has a history that resonates with today's  world very strongly. It served a greater purpose towards the well-being of not just the Swakula Sali community but towards all sects of the society. This very purpose keeps us growing stronger. 

Today, it is a center for various community related activities like blood-donation, annadana, meditation, yoga classes, devotional activities, prayers, bhajans, satsang and also supports talented students with accommodation.

Sri Anantha Swamy came in search of a peaceful and righteous place to extend his kind activities towards mankind and setup a place to engage in activities praising the Lord Vittala. He decided to accept the current location and surroundings of the Anantha ashram as a place to render his services. With this the ashram was established in around 1900. 

Sri Anantha Swamy never expected any monetary assistance from anybody but led a simple life. Many devotees came forward to build an ashram but he refused. After completion of swamiji’s worldly duties, his remains were placed at the current Sanctum Sanctorum. At the first instance four rooms consisting of Garbha Gruha and the Upanyas Mandir were constructed. The rest of the infrastructure was gradually added over the years.

Our Sadgurus-Devotion & Service

Sri Sadguru Anantha Swamy


Great Saint Sri Anantha Swamy also devotedly called as Sri Anantha Maharaj hailed from Bangalore and was born on the day of Anantha Chaturdashi (09-09-1851). After marriage and few years later Sri Anantha Maharaj renounced worldly affairs and stepped-out of the house towards the goal of peace by chanting "Ramakrishna Hari". He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vittala and spent time in Pandharpur to gain spiritual knowledge and thereafter returned in Bangalore. He frequently travelled to Pandharpur by foot praying to Lord Vittala along the way.


He established himself for almost 18 years and during that time started the “Pandhari Varakari” culture  and conducted “Bhagavat Sapthah”, Devotional songs, Religious Discourses, Dhindi Bhajans, etc.,

to promote the Bhakti Awareness among the people. 

He was contented with a small piece of cloth tied around him and never engaged in luxury of clothing or pompous show.


During the spread of epidemic plague disease of 1901, Sri Anantha Maharaj  personally nursed and fed many patients. He took care of them like his own children, and believed that serving humankind is God’s work. 


Sri Anantha Maharaj reached the abode of God on 16th January 1902 (Year – Plava, Pushya Shuddha Saptami - Thursday).

Sri Hariharananda Bharathi Swamy

Sri Hariharananda Bharathi Swamy is a mirror of Sri Anantha Swamy’s life. He renounced his worldly affairs and chose to take the path of devotion and service to mankind. He diverted the attention of all devotees towards "Hari Sankirtanas". Subsequently he adored the Supreme Peetham of Anantha ashram. He improved the Ashram's infrastructure, offered free food and shelter to poor students, clothes for the needy and also offered a resting place for people seeking spiritual knowledge.

Indian political activist Kasturbaji, during her visit to Bengaluru, along with Gandhiji and followers, visited the Ashram and listened to the Bhajans & Abhangs sung by Swamy keenly for about Three hours. They were very much pleased about the activities of the Ashram and blessed him.

He left to the Heavenly abode on 15th April, 1963. In Mysore a new Ashram was established in Jayalakshmipuram under the guidance of Sri Hariharananda Bharathi Swamy. This Ashram is managed by the respective trustees and witnesses regular Devotional activities.  

Following the path set by our Sadgurus towards service and devotion is the biggest tribute that we can offer and show our humble gratitude to them.

Our Sadgurus
   Regular Activities   
Sri Pandhari Sampradayik Bhajans

Conducted every Thursdays, Ekadashi and Dwadashi days by the Sri Anantha Swamy Bhajan Mandali for the last 30 years

Nitya Anna Dasoha

Free lunch and dinner is served daily to all devotees visiting the ashram

This activity has been re-initiated after the pandemic

Samuhika Sri Sathya Narayana Swamy Pooja

Conducted on 2nd Sunday of every month. Interested couples can register themselves prior to the pooja

This activity has been re-initiated after the pandemic

Free Medical Camp

Doctors from various specialities including Physician, Ophthalmic, OBG, Paediatrics, Skin, Dental, Ayurvedic are available for free consultation. Free medicines will be provided. The camp is open to all and is conducted 2nd Sunday of every month between 9am and 1pm

This activity has been re-initiated after the pandemic

Yajur Sandhya Vandana Classes

The classes are conducted by B.E.Swakula in the form of a course lasting for 3months. Classes are held every Sunday from 7 to 8 am. Interested candidates can register themselves

This activity has been re-initiated after the pandemic

Yoga Classes

The classes are conducted every Sunday between 7 to 8 am. Interested participants can attend the classes regularly

Sri Sathya Sai Bhajans

Held once a month on 2nd Sunday of every month in the evening at 6pm

This activity has been re-initiated after the pandemic

   Annual Events



Sadguru Sri Ananthaswamy

Maharaj Divyaradhanotsava

(7 day Saptha)

March / April


Sri Ramanavami Bhajane 



Sri Hariharananda Bharathi

Swamiji Divyaradhanotsava

July / Ashada

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July / Ashada

BE Swakula

Yajur Upakarma

(Organised by B.E. Swakula)

July / Ashada

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 19.13.13 (1).jpeg

Anantha Chaturdasi

(Birth Anniversary) 



Samuhika Upanayana

(Organised by B.E. Swakula)


​Sri Ramanavami Bhajane 

Dattatreya Jayanthi


Gnanobha Samadhi.jpg

Gnanobha Samadhi


A very rare audio clip shared by a member. 
Sati Sakkubai Harikatha - Supposedly narrated by
Sri Hariharananda Bharati himself in his own voice. 
Kindly note: We have no documented proof of the above assertion and would request members to inform us if they are aware or have any info.
Sakkubai Harikatha Audio Clip
00:00 / 31:16